Final Day of PMPL EU

Malik hanzla
Oct 24

After last Day 4 blood and tears, PMPL EUP League has officiall Ended .It was not an easy fight for all team as all of them are equally as good and competing against the best in Europe championship.

The Champion of the tournament is HVVP with outstanding preformes in last day

3rd day they are on 2nd position and the day 4 final they are champions .

In last day they get 99 points that amazing performance by HVVP

FIRE fLUX ESPORTS they not any chicken in final but they are on second position .

In final day they get 68 awesome performance by FIRE FLUX ESPORTS .

MADBULLS are still on second position today they get 1 chicken dinner and 62 points . They are pretty good .

They 3 are qualified for PMGC .

Which team do you support in next round ( PMGC )?

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