Another day Another Chicken dinner

Oct 24

Howdy guys, today is a good day to play pubgm🤣 I played both matches at Nusa, still a fun map to play, I will try the other map later like livik or shanok.

First match was only smg, because it has little recoil and allowed me increase my agility throughout the game.
The downside of using smg is that the gun put so many bullets out in a little amount of time is actually challenging. If you missed the target u will have to reload then the enemy will take advantage of the player and eventually eliminated them😖
it takes to master the art of playing smg, but i can guarantee it is worth it😍

In the second match I was pushing aggressively with M416 and Scar equiped with 4x scope😍

It was lovely to have 4x on it, but I haven’t play in this combo for awhile it’s kind of hard for to handle the recoil (I almost shot until the sky😅).

What are the guns that you guys usually go with? Please comment down below!

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