PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update

Aleena Zafar
Oct 24

Every new update of PUBG Mobile, comes with different features, new map, mode and weapons.
However new update 2.3 will globally release on 15 November.

PUBG 2.3 Update Patch Notes Leaks! 
As per leaks some of the expected PUBG 2.3 Features could be,

🔸New Guns M417, MK20, M220, Honey Badger, New Sniper Rifle

🔸Bike Turning Animation

🔸4 Seater Vehicles

🔸C4 Explosive Grenade Launcher

🔸Sanhok with Remastered Version

🔸PUBG x Emita Lotus

🔸PUBG x Adidas

🔸Blue Zone Grenade

PUBG 2.3 Update Rewards, Updates & Features!

Some of the other new additions and updates to the PUBG 2.3 update version could be in the form of,

🔸A new snow map region

🔸New Ice Skating

🔸Brand New Yellow Color Jeep

🔸Heavy Damage Sniper Rifle

🔸Two New Boats

More PUBG 2.3 Rewards & Leaks!

🔸Many Pistols & Shot Guns

🔸New Pink Emote & Outfits

🔸Legendary Sisters Parachute

🔸New Weapon Gun Skins

🔸Butterfly Fighter Outfits

🔸AKM Skins

🔸DJ Dancer Set

🔸Glorious Ruins Helmets

🔸War Visage Smoke Grenade Skins

🔸Masked Crusader Head Gear

🔸Cupid Ornaments

🔸Silver Fragments
This update going to be one of the best update and players will enjoy to play and get many surprising rewards.
What you think about this upcoming update?
Are you guys excited about upcoming update?

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