Chainsaw Man

Oct 24 · Moderator

Now this is something special, one of the most anticipated anime of the year is finally here. Chainsaw is an ongoing manga series which recently got adapted into anime by Studio Mappa ( Studio behind Jujutsu Kaisen and AOT Final Season).

At first glance it might be a typical action anime but it'll get deeper as you watch the show, with the fast tempo in both manga and anime.

It's also one of the special anime that has more than 10 different artist working on both the opening and ending of the anime. Some of the most notable name is King Gnu (Hakujitsu #5 most viewed JP YT music video), Aimer (Famed anime opening singer), and of course the one and only Kenshi Yonezu (#1 on Japanese Billboard for most viewed Japanese song on YouTube (Lemon) ).

The story starts with the traumatic life of a teen who befriend a demon and depends on each other, one day they were backstabbed and the teen died, But the demon in the other hand offers him a contract, thus becoming the Chainsaw Man.

I won't spoil much of the anime and manga for y'all so go have a look yourself!

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