Camparison between AKM Vs AKM .XT

Malik hanzla
Oct 25

We will compare two weapons AKM and AKM .XT with different points of view to determine which weapon is best.

✓ Attachments
AKM : In AKM you can use different attachments to make the weapon stable and more powerful that will increase the capacity of bullets from 30 to 40 or 50 rounds.Compensator, Flash hider and suppressor is used as attachment and also Extended can attach with gun and all type scope is fixed on this weapon except 8x.

AKM .XT: When you modify or upgrade the AKM with the help Upgraded kit then weapon weapon converts into XT. AKM are also more stable weapons as compared to others.

AKM is Available almost everywhere on the map.
On the other hand AKM .XT is only available in livik made with the help of an upgraded kit.

✓ Damage:
AKM:Base damage is 40
AKM.XT Base damage is increased from 40 to 43 due to upgrade kit.

✓ Recoil
AKM: While comparing to these have the same bullets of 5.56mm.But due to upgrade kit AKM .XT has less Recoil than AK. is an advantage point for XT weapons.

After the following points we discussed AKM as a result AKM.XT is best and wins a Comparison with AKM due better in different points.

What do you think which weapon is best which one is your favourite?
Share your opinion about this comparison.
Thanks you.

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