Camping Place in Prison Erangle Map | Tips & Tricks.

Rendang daging26
Oct 25

This camping spot is located in the Erangle Map Prison at sniper tower 🗼.

You can use this trick for camping in prison.You have a clear view on all sides of this location.At this location is mostly 4 to 8 players come over there you use this trick to get kills.

When you camp there we need to use silent weapons because these can't reveal your position to the enemy.
You can kill them very easily.
In this location you are standing on a very high height that's why it's difficult for the enemy to spot the location.

There is the advantage of this is that on sniper tower the small wall 🧱 work as a cover on the four sides of the tower 🗼.
You can also use this spot and also trolling the enemy with the help of this trick and also use for funny videos of victor.

Have you tried this trick? Share feedback Thank you.

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