PMPL SA & MEA Championship Report

Oct 26

Now that all of the PMPL Regional Championships for 2022 Fall Split has come to a close, the next journey is the 2022 PMGC. But there are a few regions we have yet to cover; and that is the South Asia and Middle East & Africa (MEA) region. So now let's quickly go through them both.

-- PMPL SA Championship --

In PMPL South Asia Championship (SAC) Fall 2022, the Mongolian team - Godlike Stalwart (collaboration between Stalwart Esports & Godlike Esports as sponsors) were able to once again emerge as the South Asian champions. With the same roster since September 2021, they were able to achieve 2x champions of PMPL SAC (including the most recent event), 1x champion of PMPL South Asia (2022 Spring), and Top 3 in PMPL MENA & SA Champ (2021 Fall), PMGC 2021 East League and PMPL SA 2022 Fall. Their past experiences and domination proves that they are indeed one of the most strongest and consistent teams in the South Asia region. Coming into PMGC 2022 alongside DRS, Skylightz and i8; will they make South Asia proud?

-- PMPL MEA Championship --

Coming into PMPL Middle East & Africa (MEA) Championship Fall 2022, a new name has arisen to become the champions and that is POWR Esports hailing from Saudi Arabia. Their domination in the championship was insane as R8 Esports were left behind by an astounding 82 points. Arabia has recently shown their strong competitiveness especially with Team Falcons who finished Top 2 in PMWI 2022 back in August. With 7 teams advancing into PMGC, will MEA reign supreme?

As of current, that's all the regional championships covered. We might get into PEL/Japan/Korea later but for now, stay tuned as the PMGC 2022 Group Draw and Format announcement is about to drop very soon 👀

(Photos: PUBG Mobile Esports)

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