A pro bane should be practiced from an early age!

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Oct 26

I just played the first ranked game with bane, and I found that the enemy chose Leslie, and I originally pre-selected the support vale I invented, so I directly replaced it with bane. Although the bane in the early stage can't kill people, the consumption is very powerful. Because of this, I also used my bane's only skin experience card!

The second skill of bane can restore blood. As long as there is mana, the enemy can be consumed all the time!

And the first skill is powerful, the early damage already has a certain basic damage, as long as the damage is transmitted to the enemy by the minion, the damage can be increased!

As a result, 3 people on the opposite side hung up. . . cough……

I started another game and chose bane as well, this match is against me with α, and then it has been consuming the enemy. Alpha's early HP recovery is not that high, as long as the timing is right, the 2 1 skill can be thrown on him!
If the economy is up, buy two staffs and you can start grabbing mm or mage. But please note that I am playing mage bane, the damage of skill 2 is very high, but the continuous damage is obviously not enough, so I can only play and consume it all the time, Just like esmeralda.
But in the later stage, as long as I see the mm who has half blood, and the second skill splashes him, he will It disappeared instantly :)

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