Scar-L vs AUG A3 which is best in PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Oct 26


Scar-L and AUG A3 both have 5 rooms for attachments–Scope, Mag, Stock, Muzzle and Foregrip. Although AUG  is an air drop weapon, Both the gun tie in terms of attachments.


When it comes to powers, Both these AR deal a fatal damage though it’s not as powerful as AKM. AUG A3 has the power of 41 and Scar-L also has 41. Both is very much helpful in close combat than. It’s a tie here.

🔸Reload Time:

The Reload time of SCAR-L without quickdraw mag is 2.100s. Higher reload time can prove troublesome in close fights in front of your enemies. With proper attachments, SCAR-L reload times is 1.3s. AUG A3 has a major drawback in reload time without Mag i.e. 3seconds.


Scar-L and AUG A3 use 5.6mm of bullets and hence have equal range. It’s also a draw here.

🔸Firing Speed:

SCAR-L has Firing rate of 69 while AUG fires a bullet at speed of (53). SCAR-L deals more damage per bullet than AUG A3. Scar-L takes the point here.

🔸Recoil Control:

More attachments slots, highly stable weapon in PUBG Mobile. Players can easily engage far targets easily because of the stability it provides. AUG A3 and SCAR-L provide low recoil with proper attachment. However both the gun has substantial difference between them. AUG A3 is more stable than SCAR-L.

Scar-L – 5points

AUG A3 – 4points

Scar-L and AUg are great weapons in PUBG Mobile if compared to others and both has great potential. The stability gives upper hand to AUG. Even Aug is hight stable other aspect plays a very significant role during the battle like Reload time. Power of weapons can save your life from seconds. I would select Scar-L over AUG. What about You?

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