2022 PMGC League - Group Draw

Oct 27

Just a few minutes ago, the 2022 PMGC League Group Draw for the Group Stage was announced live. 48 teams were divided equally into 3 groups of 16 teams each. So let's check out the groups:

(Source: Liquipedia)

The Group Draw was drawned in order of region with most teams and then sub-region with most teams; that is starting with Thailand (SEA) all the way to Japan. As for us Malaysians, 3 representatives have been drawn into 3 different unique groups; 4RVL is Group Red, YALL in Group Green & GEEK in Group Yellow. Looks like we'll be watching the Group Stage every week🤩

The Group Stage will be held in 3 weeks starting from November 10th and will run for 4 days each week, and one group will exclusively play in one week. After all groups have played, the top 3 teams of each group advances directly into the Grand Finals and 4th - 11th places will get a second chance in the Survival Stage.

We'll cover more on the League format next time, but how do you think the groups are so far? Which group do you think is the most scariest? 😱

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