2022 PMGC Overall Format

Oct 27

The 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship will have a brand new (and probably quite confusing) format than the previous 2 years, but don't worry - I'm here to break it down for yall 😉

So, to start off - there will be 2 stages; League & Grand Finals. The League is then further divided into 3 sub-stages; Group Stage, Survival Stage & Last Chance. The League Stage will be held in 🇲🇾Kuala Lumpur as an offline event (without audience) from Nov 10th - Dec 4th, 2022.

In the Group Stage, the 48 teams that have qualified from leagues all over the regions of the world will be split into 3 groups equally; Red (A), Green (B) & Yellow (C). Each group will have 16 teams, playing exclusively in a week that consists of 4 matchdays and 6 matches per day. Top 3 of each group will then advance directly to the Grand Finals while 4th - 11th of each group will advance to the Survival Stage. Unfortunately, the bottom 5 will be eliminated.

Then comes the Survival Stage. 24 total teams will be split into 3 groups of 8, and will play in a round-robin format (like in PMGC 2020 League back then) across 3 matchdays. The Top 16 will advance to Last Chance while bottom 8 is unfortunately eliminated.

The Last Chance is... literally the last chance for the last 16 teams to qualify for the Grand Finals, and they will play across 12 matches within 2 days to determine the final 4 teams for the Grand Finals tickets.

The total of 13 teams from League, plus the 3 invited teams (Team SMG, Alter Ego LIMAX and an unannounced team) will battle in the Grand Finals held offline in 🇮🇩Jakarta from Jan 6th-8th, 2023 with audience to determine the 2022 champion.

Oh, and the total prizepool is $4,000,000 USD ($2,500,000 for League & $1,500,000 for Grand Finals)!

How do you think of this new format so far? It sure is something very new to the PUBG Mobile scene, but personally it definitely makes up for the 51 total participating teams😆

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