What do you think of the new hero?

molan is coming
Oct 27

New hero: joy
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Height: 156cm
Weight: unknown
Hero Type: Assassin
Hero features: multi-stage displacement, immune control, magic damage, shield, burst movement speed
Officially recommended hero positions: jungler and experience road
Personal opinion: I recommend "Warrior" more than Assassin's gameplay. Joy doesn't do super high damage like other Assassins, but like alu/alpha, it has the ability to continue fighting.
Skill combo sequence: 1aa2a21a2a2aa13~1~1aa2a21a2a2aa1aa
If you want to maximize the damage, you can add a few more normal attacks before opening the ult.

If you want to practice 2 skills, you can do the same as me, 1v5:) (robot)

For equipment, it is recommended to buy some blood-sucking ones, and then you must buy a cloak!If you want to be like me, buy a Burning Staff/Magic Wing at the end,Might as well buy a green hat :)

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