Mosin Nagant Vs Kar98k PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Oct 27

Mosin Nagant and Kar98k have the same damage. Basically, the damage point of these two SRs is 197 on a bare head and 102 on a bare chest. Damage to arms and legs is 37. In addition, hands and feet have 22 hit points. In addition, these damage points of Mosin Nagant and Kar98k to different body parts are also equal when the enemy is wearing a helmet and vest.

🔸Bullet Velocity
The first difference between the Mosin Nagant and the Kar98k is the initial bullet speed. The game developers have announced that Mosin Nagant's bullets will fly faster than Kar98k's ammo. Therefore, the projectile velocity may be slightly higher than the Kar98k velocity. Afterwards, your projectiles will move faster and hit the enemy 2-3% faster.This means that the player using Mosin Nagant can knock down the target before the one with Kar98k when they fire at the same time.

🔸Rate of Fire
The next difference between these two sniper rifles is the rate of fire. Basically, Mosin Nagant has a lower rate of fire than Kar98k. That means the gap between the two bullets is longer than that iconic bolt-action sniper rifle. You can check it by using two mobile phones to control the gap. Or you can use a clock to count the time.
The gap between the first bullet and the second bullet on the Mosin Nagant is slightly longer (0.1 seconds) than on the Kar98k. This gap increases in later shots.

Length is another important factor of a weapon in PUBG Mobile. If you think this is not vital, you may be wrong. If the gun is longer, it can reveal your position when hiding behind a tree or wall corner. It is more important in TPP mode, where players stay close to the wall corner most of the time to spot enemies.
Comparing these two-bolt sniper rifles, the Mosin Nagant is considerably taller than the Kar98k. So, Kar98k is better for hiding your body. Most of us know that there is an error, especially in PUBG Mobile. In particular, enemies can see your weapon if you stand pretty close to the wall. Imagine holding a Mosin Nagant close to the wall of a house and other players can easily spot you from behind that wall.
Those are the most significant similarities and differences we can point out when comparing Mosin Nagant vs Kar98k.

What you think which one is best?

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