Use of Stun grenades in pubg mobile

Aleena Zafar
Oct 27

I genuinely think that stun grenades are really underrated in PUBG.

🔸You can use  stun grenades in various situations and here I'll be writing about it.
In an ambush- When your squad spots a house to camp in but it's already taken, that's when you could show off your pushing skills. But just barging in there would be reckless and foolish, the opposing squad would probably be waiting for you to enter so that they could shoot the hell out of you :p. That's when you should first just toss in a stun grenade, and when it goes off just go in guns blazing. The idea is that they'll hopefully be looking right at the door when the grenade should go off. They'll be completely blind and deaf for a few seconds and that's your gap to go in a finish them.
🔸To fool the enemies near you- when you've seen an enemy and he's onto you and you need just a little gap to run to somewhere safer, you can simply throw a stun grenade to a place that's adjacent to him, when it goes off, it'll show a shot sign in that place and he'll surely be distracted by it and you can run in that gap (hopefully).
🔸To blind the enemy to confuse him.
🔸To blind the enemies camping in the house  and then rush.
🔸To confuse enemy with a Stun Grenade as a Grenade to kill him.
🔸The most important thing is to confuse your teammates if they are looting your drop ( THIS IS FOR FUN )
Share your thoughts why you use stun grenades and what you think it is use full or not?

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