ESL Snapdragon Mobile Open S2: MSP Open is here ⚔

Oct 27

The second season of the ESL Snapdragon Mobile Open for the MSP region (Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines) has arrived!

After a total of 4 Open Qualifier Cups that were held back in September, we have our 24 teams that also includes invited teams will play in the Group Stage this extended weekend starting today for a prize share of $10,000 USD, and slots to the ESL Snapdragon Mobile Challenge (SMC) that will take place in December to February. Let's see our 24 teams of the Group Stage:

(Photo: ESL Malaysia/ESL Mobile)

We can see a lot of familiar teams that will be participating. including our recent champions and runner-up of MCPS Majors S4; AV Radicals & Expand, and other pro teams such as Farang, Geek Fam, Blacklist International and more. They are back to gun for the win and to advance to the SMC that offers an enormous prizepool of $300,000 USD 😱

24 matches this weekend, and only 12 teams will advance to the Open Finals in early November. What do you think will the outcome turn out of this tournament? Domination of champion-tier teams or the rise of new faces? Let's stay tuned through the official ESL Mobile/ESL Malaysia for the streams.

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