PUBG Mobile Campus Championship returns 🏆

Oct 27

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Malaysia (PMCC MY) returns again for the 2022 season, and will feature new amateur players and teams from schools/colleges/universities from around the country. This time, it will serve as one of- and the last qualifier circuit into the PMNC for a chance to enter the PMPL 2023 season beginning at the start of next year.

The qualifier stages are done, and we're moving into the Grand Finals this weekend. ICYMI, there were two (2) qualifier paths; Campus Leaders (PMCC-CL) and PMCC Open Qualifiers (PMCC-OQ). 4 teams (3 squads + 1 solo team) from PMCC-CL and 12 teams (10 squads + 2 solo teams) from PMCC-OQ have successfully passed the qualifier stages and will now aim for victory in the Grand Finals. Apart from the total prizepool of RM 40,800 that is featured, the Top 4 will advance into the PMNC at the end of the year alongside 24 teams from the recent City Tournament (PMCT) and an unknown number of relegated teams from PMPL MY/SG/PH Fall 2022.

The storytellers for this PMCC will be Kyrul alongside the new talents from the previous PMCC; Dibo and Xempai. You might've seen them on-air as Analysts in the past PMPL MY/SG/PH Spring 2022. The stage would definitely be interesting with new talents and commentating 🤩

Also don't forget to come down to LepaKing at Jalan Gombak from 4.30pm to attend the watch party and stand a chance to join in some mini-games and win special prizes if you're nearby. All is FOC.

Which team from which university/college/school do you think will emerge as the champion for PMCC this time? Find out this weekend 🔥

(Photos: PUBG Mobile Esports MY)

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