The Best PUBG Mobile Shotguns

Aleena Zafar
Oct 28

A more modern take on the beloved shotty, the DBS is a fully automatic shotgun with a high rate of fire. Devastatingly powerful, missing your mark with the first shot won't spell disaster for your run: just fire again and again until your target drops.Nobody will want to get anywhere near you with one of these. Use that ability to strike fear into a camping target and you'll gain the upper hand.


The S12K falls within the same category as the DBS. It's a full-auto shotgun that means missing a shot won't leave you immediately open to a counterattack. It's not quite as useful as the DBS, but its long barrel means the typical close-range weapon can do decent damage from longer distances as well. Due to that reduced spread, the whole fish in a barrel analogy doesn't really work. Accuracy is a must.

I like DBS more whats your choice? Share your thoughts.

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