PUBG Mobile Groza Vs Beryl M762: Which Gun Is Better?

Aleena Zafar
Oct 30

Groza and Beryl M762 are among the most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile. Moreover, both of them use 7.62mm ammo. Therefore, the power of these two guns is pretty equal. To choose a better gun, let's compare Groza Vs Beryl M762 in related criteria.

#1. Base Damage
Both M762 and Groza are 7.62 assault rifles. Groza is only found in the airdrop while M762 is more popular. Although Groza is an airdrop weapon, its base damage is not higher than Beryl M762. Both of these weapons need 2 bullets to the head or 5 bullets to the body to take the enemy with level-2 armor down.
#2. Reloading Speed
Reloading speed also affects the final result of the match. If your gun has a high reloading speed, you have more time advantages than enemies. With a quickdraw mag, both Groza and M762 have a short reload duration of 1.8s. It lets you return to the combat quickly after reloading bullets.

#3. Rate of Fire
As they are equal in the two previous criteria, the rate of fire will help you pick up the better gun between Groza and Beryl M762. In this criterion, Groza surpasses M762 with a little higher rate of fire. This airdrop gun shoots 40 bullets in 3.34 seconds while M762 shoots 40 bullets in 3.73 seconds.
Although the gap is very small, it still makes the damage per second (DPS) of them different. In specific, Groza will cause a bit higher DPS than M762.

#4. Recoil
Another reason why Groza is placed in the airdrop is its lower recoil than its fellows. AKM, Beryl M762, and Groza are three full-auto 7.62 ARs in PUBG Mobile. Moreover, their base damage is not very different. However, Groza is still the best because it's much more stable than the two other fellows. With lower recoil, this airdrop AR is also more accurate. Then, you need fewer bullets to take the enemies down.

#5. Verdict: Groza Vs Beryl M762
As can be seen from above comparison, both Groza and M762 have the same base damage and reloading speed. Though Beryl M762 has a bit higher recoil than its counterpart, Groza proves its advantages in the rate of fire which is very important in PUBG Mobile.
In short, Groza is still better than Beryl M762 even though M762 is more popular and easier to find.

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