Return for more domination?

Oct 31 · Moderator

4AM is no strangers in the PUBG Mobile scene in both Globals and China, they were also the League Champion for PMGC Season 0 and the runner up for the GrandFinals.

Despite all that, 4AM actually haven't had a good run in tournaments in the past year....

For once, they did dropped back to PEN (the National league/amateur league) and had to climb their way back to PEL after getting eliminated early season last year.

2nd of all the roster has been changed dramatically, and only 2 of the original core member remains which is 33Svan and Hasaki. (Although they had some good new addition)

After skipping a year of PMGC, do you think they will dominate the league again this year? Or will there be inconsistency like their rankings in PEL?

Tell me your opinion below!

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