The 3 best heroes to counter Paquito

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Oct 31

Paquito is one of the newer heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and one of the strongest side laners in the meta right now.

As a fighter who deals a ton of damage, the Heavenly Fist quickly rose to fame as he is very difficult to deal with in a 1v1 situation, and has a very high chance of getting first blood in the laning phase.

Paquito is not only a huge threat in ladder play, but in pro play as well. In MPL PH S7, he was the 8th most banned hero with 83 bans. In MPL SG S7, he was the 5th most banned hero with 52 bans.

There’s no denying that this is a hero many teams and players don’t want to face against. But what if your team forgot to ban him and he’s immediately picked by the opponent?

Here are three heroes that have the fighting chance against the Heavenly Fist.

The first hero that can survive and outplay Paquito in a 1v1 situation is none other than Alice.

What makes Alice a worthy foe? She can escape the early game burst of Paquito with Flowing Blood or Blood Awe.

Once she hits level four, she can out-sustain the Heavenly Fist, and possibly even snag a few kills with well-timed abilities.

The key when facing Paquito as Alice is to stay alive until you get enough Blood Ancestry stacks, and hit level four to unlock Blood Ode.

One of the best ways to counter an overpowered hero is picking another overpowered hero, and Benedetta does exactly just that.

Benedetta also has one of the best early game kill potential with Phantom Slash and an Eye for an Eye. What’s more, she thrives in extended fights thanks to Alecto: Final Blow which is a game changer against a skilled Paquito user.

Lastly, another hero that has the ability to out-sustain Paquito is Barats. Whenever Paquito unleashes his combo in a team fight, Barats can utilize Detona’s Welcome to stop him in his tracks.

At max stacks, Barats is able to survive the full combo of the Heavenly Fist, especially if he is far ahead in items. Barats is a hard matchup in the sidelane, and Paquito is no exception.

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