There Is a New Crate ( PUBG LUCKY CRATE)

Malik hanzla
Nov 01

There is new crate is available in pubg with old Halloween 🎃 are thrown back in one crate.There is old upgradable Enchanted Pumpkin 🎃 - SCAR-L .

There is a old one skin of vector . Vector is many people's favourite
This Vector skin called is blood tooth.
There is also old UAZ Enchanted Pumpkin 🎃 -UAZ this UAZ skin is also upgradeable with different looks.

In this crate there is a legendary 🎃 Pumpkin Dacia skin is also available this skin is very unique and old item related to Halloween.

There is a legendary set is called Blood rain set and also more other excited item are available.

Collect the coin from this crate and go to magical pumpkin event radeem awesome upgrading vehicle

White item do you like the from these old items?
Share Your feedback thank you.

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