Julian tank!

Nov 01

In this match, I used Julian as a tank because i dont have any other heroes that can fulfill the roam role, and this is the final result

Although I died 11 times, i tanked the most damage from the enemy and allowed my teammate to deal their damage. Tanks shouldn’t care about their KDA so much. Instead, they should allow their teammates to do the damage. With a tank build, my damage is very bad but i can stay in front and sustained the enemies’ damage, which is already good enough for me

This is my Julian tank buld. it has full CDR for Julian so he can spam his skills often. You can consider changing CDR boots to magic resistance boots for reducing the cc durasion. Mana regen book is for mana regen (lol) and cd reduction, oracle for his passive (increase the hp regen ). The last 3 items are flexible depends on the enemy lineup!

Do you wanna try tank Julian after seeing the result? comment down your thoughts about this Julian!

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