IEM Rio Major: BIG takes down FURIA on home turf with huge comeback

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Nov 01

The IEM Rio Major 2022 has started and things, at the moment, are not going so well for the Brazilian teams. After 00Nation defeat for Bad News Eagles for 16-3, FURIA entered the stadium to face BIG and things seemed to go well for them, but the germans pulled out a huge comeback.

In a BO1 match, the map was Vertigo and the brazilian team started in the CT side, and pushed by the crowd, they had an amazing half. They closed out the side with a score of 12-3. To get things even better for FURIA, in the pistol round on the terrorist side, Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato had an amazing clutch. So, 13×3, seems like everything was working out fine, right?

Even with the crowd cheering against them, BIG were not scared and started putting points on the scoreboard. Still, FURIA rounded up to 15-7 and got seven matchpoints to start 1-0 in the IEM Rio Major 2022. Unfornately for them, Nils “k1to” Gruhne had a different plan.

The germans brought round by round and took the game to the overtime. After suffering 8 rounds in a row, FURIA was only able to get one round before going down in Vertigo. With that, BIG went 1-0 and showed that they can handle the brazilian crowd pressure.

It is worth mentioning that both teams, FURIA and BIG, will still play another BO1 in this Monday (31st October). Their opponents are not yet decided.

The IEM Rio Major is currently underway in Brazil and has already featured packed venues with thousand of fans in attendance. The tournament will see the best CS: GO teams in attendance and in competition for a part of the $1.25 million prize pool. With a Gaules fan fest and a bigger arena, CS: GO fans are in for a treat in Brazil.

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