Unexpected direction #OTG

Nov 01 · Moderator

Just a day after leaving Team Secret, OnTheGo has announced that he is going to be the brand ambassador for Dingoz Xavier.

Part of the reason that he's joining DX is because of the very friendly staff in them and also the boss himself is also very cheerful and nice. During his vacation in Vietnam, DX CEO met with OTG and bring them out to see new culture.

For those who don't know, DX CEO is half Malaysian and half Vietnamese with made them easy to communicate during the vacation, the players who's also with them, is also tried their best to entertain OnTheGo during the trip even though there's a language barrier.

Actually screw that, I bet OnTheGo just wanted to find a girlfriend in Vietnam after successfully (failed) finding one in Malaysia.

Who's agree with me😂

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