Recall Players Event

Kaya toast4887
Nov 02

PUBG Mobile always comes up with new events for players. They have now announced a Recall Players event for players to enjoy. The event is scheduled to begin on 20 september 2022 And Well Run until November 18, 2022.

Players who are above Level 15 and have not logged in for more than 28 days are eligible for
the Recall event

. Each Recall mission can be completed 5 times and gives Recall Tokens, which can be used to redeem rewards in the event shop.

. Each recalled player can help you complete each Recall Mission once.

Complete Missions Collect a permanent epic Elite Operative outfit And One
Abyss Commander - SCar-L also redeem with use Tokens

Team up with returning friends or old in-game friends to get Recall Tokens.

. There is a limit to how many items of each kind you can redeem from the event shop.

What do you think about This Event Which Item you like.
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