Bleed enemies dry with Crimson Wings Cecilion, his new collector skin

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Nov 02

There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than with MLBB’s very own vampire, Cecilion.

The Blood Demon mage finally has a collector skin to his name, Crimson Wings Cecilion, which makes his original Embrace of Night and Wisteria Count skins pale in comparison.

Looking like the sexy brother of Alucard from Netflix’s Castlevania, he descends upon the Land of Dawn with an open V-neck blouse that reveals his hardened chest (and heart), something no other skin has done.

After seeing him try his hand out as a magician in The Illusionist, a courter in Phantom Count, and a wise mage in Stargazer, there’s no doubt that Crimson Wings brings out the best in him while staying true to his lore.

Doing away with his brunette do, Cecilion’s skin looks even whiter under locks of light goldenrod hair. With sunken eyes and a deep gaze, he looks absolutely dreadful, but in a good way.

Moonton managed to bring out the Dracula in him without falling into well-worn clichés. Fraying his full-length cape and high collar, the design adds volume to his outfit and makes you believe he’s more than capable of clawing your eyes out.

His scepter has been upgraded as well, from a dull black to scarlet red, with insidious twists and turns surrounding its indigo crystal.

When his second skill, Sanguine Claws, is cast, six very sharp, glowing vermilions claws breach the surface to pull enemies in.

During his ultimate, Bats Feast, an even scarier image of himself appears under the tainted full moon, clad in a furious shade of red, ready to draw blood from enemies on the battlefield.

The only sad thing is that we’re not getting a matching Carmilla collector skin this Halloween to Moonlit Waltz alongside her cold-blooded hottie.

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