A game that is hard to win

Nov 02

With this enemy team composition, it must be hard for my team. The enemy has an akai jungler and Franco roamer. Moreover, their mage is Nana which i seldom win against. They have Miya and Aldous as sidelaners, which makes the whole thing hard for the late game. I started to use the full damage build for Julian so i can deal the most damage to the tanks and Aldous.

Akai has a spinning skill which can silent our team for a long period. Franco can suppress us for 1.8s and we can easily be killed after the silence or suppression from both tanks.

Nana’s damage is high and she’s annoying. Franco always protects her and my team cant even get close to her. She only died once, which is in the late game that i got a triple kill.

luckily Julian is good at escaping from akai because his enhanced skill 2 can pass through the panda’s body. Our team has sun who is good at pushing so we can win the match by all the efforts

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