Which is Better Kar98k vs M24 comparison

Kaya toast4887
Nov 02

Both of them are bolt action sniper rifles but there Damage, Reloading Speed etc. changes everything. So here I am to tell you which is better sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile is it Kar98k or M24?

Comparing the damage of both these guns, the M24 has a bit higher base damage than Kar98k. The headshot damage without a helmet is 202 in M24 and 192 in Kar98k. Besides, the damage to the chest without a vet is 101 in M24 and 96 in Kar98k. Therefore, you can always knock down an enemy without armor with an accurate shot. However, you need another shot if you shoot to the enemy's chest with a Kar98k.

In addition, the bullet speed of M24 is also higher than that of the Kar98k. It's 790m/s in M24 and 760m/s in Kar98k. Due to the higher bullet speed, the bullet drop of M24 is also smaller because the bullets fly faster.

Reloading Speed
Without attachments, the reload duration of Kar98k is 2.4s for each bullet and 3.2s for two bullets. It also increases to 3.9s for 3 bullets, 4.6s for 4 bullets, and 3.9s for the full magazine. However, the M24 only takes 1.8s for single bullets from 1st to 4th and 4.1s for the whole magazine. With attachments, the reload duration of M24 is still lower.

I think M24 was the best Gun From Kar98 .

which gun do you think is good Give feedback in comment section .

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