Tips and tricks for rank pushing in Gear front mode

Aleena Zafar
Nov 02

I am sharing a location of Erangel map which is near military base ( at back side of malerity base there is a tawar at back side of military base.)
For this trick you must have gliding doll power.
Step1: Simply go on the top of tawar.
Step2: Use gliding doll power to go at the top of the tawar.
Step3: Leg grab and go on top.
Step4: Jump toward chimney and then move towards chimney with the help of gliding doll power again use gliding doll power.
Step5: land on chimney.

With the help of this trick you will reach at chimney or our secret location now you can easily get kills and can rank push it will also help full specially in last zone.
Let me know if you have try this trick before?
What you think is it helpful to you?

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