A hero that desperately needs a revamp

Nov 02

Do you all think that Karrie needs a revamp desperately? I mean, her mechanics in game are okay but her lore and voicelines absolutely needs a revamp.

As you can see by comparing 2 art, one from MLBB and one from MLA, Karrie absolutely looks better in MLA. The art in MLBB looks quite messy and the colours are not distinctive. However, the colour of her skin and clothes are more distinctive in MLA’s art.

Let’s talk about her story. I think the story needs a lot of improvement like, what actually happened after she came to the Land of Dawn? Did she encounter anything that put her race in danger? and as arrogant as she is, how would she deal with the problem that happened in the land of dawn? and as the story mentioned that she has no emotions, would she finally regains everything and become able to feel? also could they just let her have some interactions with some other heroes like man, there are 117 heroes out there.

And last, let’s talk about her voicelines which is the most problematic of all kinds of stuff. She speaks a few sentences only, and she only says ahhh when she dies, while some of the other heroes would have a voiceline with content when they die. Newer heroes like Xavier, Julian and Freddrin have a voiceline for killing the lord but Karrie doesn’t have the basic thing. she only has the voicelines when she walks and there are just 5-6 english voicelines for her.

Her Japanese voiceline also has a problem. Every other 116 heroes have a voiceline when they enter the scene but Karrie doesn’t have anything? oh god, please?

well i do love Karrie so much and she’s the first hero i used since i play ml but i feel so sad when seeing moonton treat her so badly. I hope they can improve things soon

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