Underrated hero!?

Nov 03

Many people thinks that Carmilla is the worst hero to exist in game. However, she’s still good and tanky enough to sustain the damage

My team needed a tank so i decided to go for carmilla in this match. 2 years ago, I had a supreme title for Carmilla. Her sustainability is quite bad right from the start of the game because she doesnt have any item. However, she became so much better as the game goes on.

This is the suggested tank build for her. You can change athena shield and antique carass armor to the other defensive item of your choice.

I survived Claude’s ultimate when i only have 5% of hp. Thank god that the Layla is good enough to kill him before i die xD

The problem of her being a non-meta hero is that her ultimate can be easily broken by the enemies simply by walking far away from each other and it’s hard to link people. Moonton is revamping her soon by improving her ultimate cast. Also, despite being Cecilion’s girlfriend, she’s better match with other heroes like Melissa or Hanabi. I hope that the devs would improve her cooperation with Cecilion.

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