Football Carnival set to arrive in-game featuring Leo Messi

Aleena Zafar
Nov 05

The brand-new 2.3 Update, we are expecting quite a few incomings in a matter of a few days. The latest beta version is already underway, which suggests that the title would celebrate the forthcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 which will begin in late November. To celebrate the biggest soccer event, Krafton might introduce a separate location that will feature several things along with a few themed items. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming update and its feature.

The beta version for the upcoming PUBG Mobile 2.3 update has hinted at two possible inclusions to the game: Aftermath 2.0 and a football-themed mode.

The Football themed mode will be available on Erangel, Livik, and Nusa maps while the special power featuring Golden Shoe. The game lobby will also have a themed experience. A statue of a football player will be there along with a giant screen and other items.

This theme will also include :

1)Football Carnival: In classic maps, you will find Football Carnival, which looks like a stadium decorated with football items.

2)Lionel Messi Character: Lionel Messi is a new character coming to the PUBG Mobile after collaboration with him, and it is expected to be released.

3)Golden Boot: At the Football carnival, four golden boot is available, using which player can run faster than an average player. Like the Spiderman web shooter update, the golden boot has a cooldown period of 4 seconds. The cooldown period might be changed later, but currently, it is 4 seconds.

4)Convert Into Football: A new mechanism is introduced where players can convert themselves into a football and move at the speed of a mountain bike. On converting into football, some additional actions can help you move faster.

4)Football Ground in spawn island: One of the best changes that have been done in the 2.3 updates is the football ground at spawn island. Here you can enjoy football until the match starts.

Are you guys excited about this upcoming update or event?

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