Is the cute little girl scary?

Nov 03

What do you think about Lylia now? Is she still a meta hero? Here’s my analysis of her.

Lylia can spam her skills freely due to it can be stackable, and she can quickly regenerate her health point, posting a threat to the enemies.

In this match, I’m facing a team with a decent fighter and roamer. Not gonna lie, I hate Luo Yi so much because of her insane damage and i died to her in the early game. However, her performance gets worse when the game goes later so she didn’t become a threat.

A good badang is annoying but it’s not like theres no way to escape from him. When you’re not stunned, you can simply use your ulti to get away from his wall + ulti combo.

I captured an amazing monent that I am at 1 hp again! i was fighting against moskov and lancelot without my ulti. Luckily, I killed moskov by my explosion damage and lancelot went too far to chase me. I’m glad that I killed him before he killed me.

Guys, what are your thoughts about Lylia? Is she a fun hero to play with? Please share your thoughts with me!

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