《Daily Topic》Which Malaysian Team Will Be The Best in PMGC?

Nov 04 · Moderator

As you all know PMGC League will be held in Malaysia and going starts on 10th November ! But that brings up the question...Who is Malaysia's Best Representative???

Here's a small rundown by me...

Geek Fam had a rough start and ending in PMPL SEA Championship,but no doubt they're playing without stress as they already have invited slot, could they be cooking some strategies with their experimental gameplay in SEA???

Yoodo Alliance in the other hand had step up their game every week in SEA Championship and definitely at their peak on the grandfinals, would they wound up to become the Dark Horse of PMGC?

4Rivals,while performing just decently among the SEA teams, is actually the only team that attended PMGC twice. With the experience they had and saving Jumper for grand finals, will they finally show their expertise in the global stages?

Who's in your opinion is the best representative for this PMGC? Is it Geek? Is it YALLY? Or is it 4RVL? Or could it be you didn't support Malaysian Team at all?😂

Anyhow let's hope that in the end of the tournament it will be Malaysian Teams to lift up that trophy, do comment under this post to stand a chance to win 60uc😳 come on now, don't be shy😉


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