Nerf won’t affect this girl!

Nov 04

Melissa kept on getting nerfed because of her good performance. Howrver, I dont think this nerf can affect her anyways.

I wad facing a dangerous team that has 4 meta heroes, which are Ling, Valentina, Faramis and Chou. They are very scary and they can do some serious damage to Melissa.

I won in the early game by dominating the Layla and she wasnt able to farm. I’d think that Ling and Faramis’ combo is dangerous because the 2 of them can easily burst down me.

Our team has a Franco, which is good for the enemies’ Val because she can easily copy him and suppress us. Thank god that I was never get suppressed.

Her skill 2’s cool down will be increased by 1 second which makes things harder. However, if i know when to use my skills, I knew that I shouldn’t be affected by the increased cool down time.

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