Clan Battle Event In Pubg Mobile

Kaya toast4887
Nov 05

Clan battle will start today in the starting of the clan war occasion, all clan leaders and co-leaders gets an choice to start a clan battle as they log in.

it may be finished through "registering" the clan into the occasion by using doing nothing other than tapping the option and you're top to head. as soon as the extended family is registered,

there is a period of four days after which all of the registered clans might be pitched in opposition to every different for the occasion and determine a winner.The closing clash between Clans event and on completing this occasion you may get a Parachute, traditional Crate Coupon, and a hundred AG currency as a praise.

there's additionally a system of individual Contribution points that will provide rewards to the players for reaching fixed numbers of points at some stage in the occasion with the very best prize being a premium Crate at 800 points.What do you consider This event please give opinion inside the comment section

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