ESL SPS Open Finals 👀

Nov 05

The ESL Snapdragon Mobile Open Season 2 - MSP Open Regional Finals begins tonight!
Before that happens, let's take a quick look on how all the teams finished in the Open Group Stage the past week.

(Photo: ESL Asia)

Team 🇲🇾AutoKnockout (previously Blacklist International) were able to win the Group Stage after competing in 12 matches of the 24 that they play in with a total score of 203 and 3 Booyah!s. Our recent MCPS Majors S4 runner-up & champion; 🇲🇾Expand & 🇵🇭AV Radicals were able to finish in 2nd and 3rd respectively, still maintaining their domination throughout the Group Stage, especially for Expand as they got 5 Booyah!s 😦. On the other side of things, a few teams that didn't do quite well during the MCPS Majors but surprisingly made a comeback in this event were NSEA & NoXScape Revolt as they were able to push themselves into the Top 12 to advance into the Finals where previously they didn't qualify for the MCPS Majors Finals.

The Open Finals starts tonight from 8.00pm onwards on ESL Malaysia/ESL Mobile channels. The 12 teams will battle for 3 slots to the ESL Snapdragon Mobile Challenge that will happen in February in Jakarta which will feature other top teams from ID, TH & VN. Which teams from MSP will make that Top 3? 👀

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