DP 28 vs AKM: Which is the better gun in PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Nov 06

◾AKM Specifications
    🔸Ammo                      7.62mm
    🔸Damage                  47
   🔸Rate of Fire             0.100s
   🔸Reload Duration     2.90s
AKM is a popular deadly AR (Assault Rifle) that uses 7.62mm ammo. AKM is easily available across maps in the game. The gun can fire 40 bullets with an extended magazine and inflicts high damage. The only problem with the AKM is its high recoil which makes the gun hard to master. However, with regular practice players can learn to control the recoil of the gun in a short period.

◾DP-28 Specifications
   🔸Ammo                         7.62mm
   🔸Damage                        51
   🔸Rate of Fire                 0.109s
   🔸Reload Duration         5.5s
DP-28 is an LMG (Light Machine Gun) that uses 7.62mm ammo just like DP-28. The gun can be found easily on the maps of Erangle and Livik. This gun is a fan favorite because it is easy to use and inflicts high damage on enemies. DP-28 is a good choice for medium and long-range fights. The only problem with DP-28 is its slow firing rate and long reload time.

Both the AKM and DP-28 are powerful weapons. DP-28 has low recoil and is easier to use than the AKM. However, a skillful AKM player will always win the fight against the one carrying DP-28 because of AKM’s high fire rate and less reload time. Hence players should use AKM only if they have mastered its control and recoil.

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