The 3 best heroes to counter Lesley in Mobile Legends

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Nov 07

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.7.20 gave rise to the House Vance’s best sniper, Lesley. Once rarely picked in competitive and ranked games, the changes to her passive and first skill, which now deals true damage, are strong in metas where tank junglers thrive.

Played in the gold lane, she still has one glaring weakness that’s been plaguing her for years — she has an abysmal laning phase. Because she’s a hyper carry, she doesn’t deal much damage without essential items like Berserker’s Fury and Blade of Despair.

The secret to countering Lesley therefore, is using heroes that excel in the early game in the laning phase. Here are three marksman heroes in Mobile Legends who are effective in doing just that.

Clint is undoubtedly the best early game marksman in the Land of Dawn. His first skill, Quick Draw, deals a ton of damage in the laning phase, even at level one.

Up against Lesley, you want to freeze the lane and use Quick Draw whenever the Deadly Sniper tries to get close. If the enemy has a crowd-control-heavy roamer such as Franco or Atlas, it’s best to ask for help from your midlaner or roamer, for Clint doesn’t have any mobility skills.

The key here is to stop Lesley from snowballing in the game, for Clint won’t have an answer for her in the late game.

A skilled Popol and Kupa player is a headache for Lesley mains. The dynamic duo has the damage, the mobility, and the crowd control to put the Deadly Sniper in her place.

Like Lesley, the hero can also deal damage from afar, which is beneficial if you are going to harass her in the laning phase.

Rush Blade of Despair first for the physical damage boost. It’s also recommended to go for Sprint as your battle spell so that you chase her down whenever she escapes with Master of Camouflage or Tactical Grenade. Also, be mindful of where you’re placing the traps. Always save one charge for Lesley in case you find yourself in a 1v1 situation.

Despite falling off in the meta these past few months, Brody remains as one of the most difficult marksman heroes to face in the gold lane. He has insane burst damage to the point that he only needs one offensive item, Blade of Despair, to be effective, and can build defensively after.

Once you hit level four with Brody, get close to Lesley and activate his first skill, Abyss Impact, to slow her down. Follow up with a basic attack and Corrosive Strike to close the gap if she uses Tactical Grenade, then another basic attack and Torn-Apart Memory to finish her off.

That combo alone can kill almost any hero. If you are having a difficult time against her, you can always prioritize Blade Mail or Wind of Nature first before going for Blade of Despair.

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