Worlds 2022 finals opening ceremony took us back to that one Lord of the Rings moment

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Nov 07

The Worlds 2022 finals opening ceremony first saw DRX and T1 grace the stage at Chase Center in San Francisco.

Then, under mysterious purple lighting, Edda Hayes opened — “For the beat and the broken” — which took League of Legends fans to the start of the year when Riot Games released one of the most epic cinematics they’ve ever made to mark the start of Season 12.

Soon after, Jackson Wang and Lil Nas X, in what looked like a prestige edition Kai’Sa “cosplay”, sang their numbers Fire to the Fuse and STAR WALKIN’, but could not top “The Call” which stole the hearts of League of Legends fans.

To put things into perspective, “The Call” currently has 141 million views on YouTube. Every single League of Legends player around the world would have watched Riot’s Season 2022 Cinematic, featuring 2WEI, Louis Leibfried, and Edda Hayes, at least once.

It opens in the most Lord of the Rings way possible: red hot molten metal running down cast iron, revealing Ornn forging a sword with his legendary hammer.

For the beat and the brokenFor the lost and forsakenLet us never surrenderMay we rise unto the Call

Its lyrics speak to players and pro players, who continue striving every step of the way on their journey to reach the top.

Jackson Wang then debuted Fire to the Fuse, a collaborative song he worked on with Riot specially for the Worlds 2022 finals opening ceremony. Wearing a black, angular costume with edgy makeup, he made the Empyrean skins look even cooler on stage.

While STAR WALKIN’ still has LoL fans divided, Lil Nas X pulled off the undisputed best entrance this Worlds 2022 finals opening ceremony. Standing across Prestige Empyrean K’Sante, they came face to face, and it was Lil Nas X who bowed to him. Yas, king!

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