DRX Kingen named 2022 League of Legends Worlds finals MVP

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Nov 07

After winning his first Worlds title, Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon wins the OnePlus Worlds finals MVP. The top laner was consistent throughout the best-of-five series and helped DRX secure back-to-back wins in the last two games. Heading into Worlds 2022, Kingen was not ranked among the best top lane players in the world given DRX’s form and his season overall. However, he slowly made a name for himself from the Play-Ins and worked all the way to the finals.

For the DRX versus T1 matchup, the attention was mostly focused on the bot lanes. However, Kingen managed to steal the show with his performance. Despite having to face Zeus, who many regarded as the best top laner in the tournament, Kingen held his ground and often times dominated the lane.

Even though the first game went in favor of Zeus’ Yone, Kingen managed to survive in lane and get the most kills for his team. He returned to Aaatrox in the all-important fourth game and was instrumental in keeping DRX in the series. His 2 versus 3 outplay with Pyosik helped the team to stem the early game deficit and control the top side of the map. They converted this to more kills and objectives and eventually won the game.

Kingen also picked Aatrox and was able to secure a solo kill on Zeus. While his Aatrox was not the only determining factor in Game 5, it still stopped the counter-picked Gwen from doing anything. He ended the game with a 6/3/6 KDA.

After his incredible performance in the series, Kingen was not surprised to win the MVP award. “I kind of saw it coming because whenever I have the game four and five, I become a duelist. Kingen said. “I go all in or go home.”

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