The 3 best heroes to counter Chou in Mobile Legends

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Nov 07

When Chou was officially released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, many were quick to speculate he will be a priority pick not just in ranked games, but in pro play as well.

And that came true pretty quickly. He is considered to be one of the most balanced heroes in the game. His abilities are straightforward and easy to learn, but playing him in a competitive level requires patience and timing.

He is a force to be reckoned with in the offlane position, but some pro players like Bren Esports’ Lusty have mastered him as a roaming tank.

Which heroes can you use to deal with the slippery Kung Fu boy? Here are three heroes that will stop him in his tracks:

Silvanna is a great counter to Chou, provided she lands Imperial Justice, for he can cancel it with Shunpo.

Silvanna can out-damage him in a 1v1 situation thanks to Spiral Strangling. She can also close the gap with Cosmetic Lance if he tries to get away. This is more of a skill matchup, but Silvanna has the necessary kit to make it hard for him to keep up all throughout the game.

Uranus has been hit with a lot nerfs recently, but there’s no denying that his sheer tankiness and survivability can annoy even the most skilled Chou player.

Even if he unleashes his barrage of abilities, Uranus can outmaneuver him with Consecration and Transcendent Ward. Once Uranus’ passive stacks are full, he’ll be able to counter initiate and finish him off with a fully stacked Ionic Edge.

The newly-released boxer hero, which has been dubbed as a rival of Chou, can actually counter the Kung Fu Boy with his damaging abilities.

Paquito is a very difficult matchup for Chou, especially in the laning phase, for he has strong burst damage in the early game. Champ Stance is a game changer against him, as it can enhance all his abilities to deal more damage, and even reset all his skills.

In a prolonged team fight, Paquito is an unstoppable force that even a skilled Chou will have a hard time shutting down.

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