PUBG Mobile Glich/ Secret Location

Aleena Zafar
Nov 07

Our glich or Secret location is located in shooting Range of Erangel Map. With the help of this trick or glich many players use to kill the enemies and use for rank pushing.

For this trick/glich you need two things.
1) Coupe RB (Sadan)
2) Shop Power

Step1: Park the car in the cave( The way I Parked, on same place)
Step2: Now use shop power near car (In the way I placed the job near car)
Step3: when the shop lunched press the Get In  Button.
Step4: Then Press the exit button.

Now you are gliched and no one can spot you.
To come out just jump in water or blue space.

Note: This information is just for fun purpose and for awareness Don't use this trick to kill enemies because it support unfair game environment and you can get ban.

Share if you killed by any glich players?

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