Camparison between Mini and SLR

Malik hanzla
Nov 08

SLR vs Mini-14 PUBG Comparison

This DMR is very powerful to some extent. However, they have many significant differences that you should consider when choosing a weapon to use.

Mini-14 PUBG and SLRs are two of the most popular and favorite DMRs. But which one is better and more suitable for you? See the comparison here.
PUBG Mobile DMR is a popular and useful category of weapons for long range combat. The PUBG Mini-14 and SLR are two of the most popular and favorite DMRs in this game.

In terms of capacity, the PUBG Mini-14 wins because it can hold 20 to 30 bullets with an extended mag. On the other side , the ammo capacity of the SLR is only 10 to 20 rounds when you mount an extended mag.
In particular, you can use an AR mag or an SR mag for this weapon. Having said that, both rifles are quite unique . Moreover, the SLR and Mini-14 PUBG have a reload duration of 2.5s without a quick-draw mag.

Which one is your favourite DMR weapon?

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