Forager Achievement

Malik hanzla
Nov 08

This achievement is available in matches achievement in this achievement we do 3 steps .
1 :- collect 20 crates from dead enemies in a single match .
2:- collect 20 outfits in a single match.
3 :- Be the first to open 5 air drop in a single match.

You start a match in unrank sanhok and land in bootcamp , bootcamp is the hotdrop of sanhok. In this location land 30to40 enemies, you camp in a corner of bootcamp, when all enemies died you go and open 20 Crates and also collect 20 dresses .
For drop mission you start unrank Erangle because in unrank Erangle mostly bot you can open airdrop easily.

If you done this achievement you get 20 points and 2 supplies.

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