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Nov 08 · Moderator

After the player release from Axis RedOne, now it's RSG turn to release some of their players and coach, this time being Atai,Luk and Ranger.

Atai being a veteran in PMPL, has been a coach for RSG for the past 2 seasons and even brought the team into SEA playins, first time since PMPL S3 that RSG goes SEA.

Ranger in the other hand was a pro in RSG disbanded CODM team, being the IGL for last season, despite his prowess, PUBGM definitely a more challenging game for him compared to CODM.

Luk actually performed pretty well with RSG last season, so I can't really see a problem in his gameplay, maybe it's some internal problem or the player himself wanted to leave the team.

Now that these 3 left their respective team, who's next?

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