The 3 best heroes to counter Moskov in Mobile Legends

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Nov 09

Moskov is currently one of the strongest marksman heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. After he received numerous buffs in patch 1.6.18, the Spear of Quiescence has become a favorite for solo players who want a solid gold laner that can carry a game on its own.

Fortunately, this marksman hero has numerous weaknesses that can be exploited with the right heroes. Here are three heroes that play extremely well against Moskov in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

If you want to win a game with a Moskov on the other side, it’s necessary that you pick heroes who can dominate the early game, and Eudora fits that description to a T. What makes this mage hero perfect against the Spear of Quiescence, or any marksman hero in general, is her skills that can one-shot any squishy heroes.

Once she reaches level four, she can kill almost anyone with her Ball Lightning, Forked Thunder, and Thunder’s Wrath combo. Her stun can set up plays for your teammates, and stop him from escaping with Abyss Walker.

Lesley is considered the only counter to Moskov in the gold lane, and with good reasons. She has one of the longest attack range in the game, keeping her out of range against the Spear of Quiescence, who has a very short attack range.

Her Master of Camouflage skill also makes her untargetable for a short period, and works perfectly well against Moskov who relies heavily on his basic attacks.

Lastly, she can easily escape Moskov with Tactical Grenade. If you want to make your opponent regret picking the Spear of Quiescence, lock Lesley.

Considered as one of the most versatile heroes in the Land of Dawn, Chou is also a solid pick against any short-range marksman hero in the Land of Dawn. He can close the gap with Jeet Kune Do and cancel Spear of Misery’s knockback effect.

The only downside to using Chou is he is difficult to pull off if you are just starting out. Once mastered, he is pretty much a walking death trap for Moskov if you use his skills to their full potential

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