Neymar Jr. collaboration coming to PUBG

Aleena Zafar
Nov 09

PUBG will be introducing a collaboration with Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva Santo Junior, with themed visuals popping up in game, and items available in the in-game store.

The Neymar collaboration is dropping as a part of update 20.2, which is due out on PC on November 9 and for consoles on November 17. The visual update will include billboards, building decorations, soccer balls, and care packages themed after the soccer superstar.


🔸Neymar Jr. Mega Bundle (2550 G-COIN)
🔸Includes bonus items: Neymar Jr. appearance, Neymar Jr.’s Backpack (Level 3), Neymar Jr. Logo Spray, Neymar Jr. 10 Spray, Neymar Jr.’s Shhh Ceremony Emote
🔸Neymar Jr. Jersey Set (800 G-COIN)
🔸Neymar Jr. Hoodie Set (990 G-COIN)
🔸Neymar Jr. Weapon Set (1500 G-COIN)

Share your thoughts. Are you guys excited?

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