When does League of Legends season 12 end? LoL rank reset 2022 date and time

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Nov 10

The League of Legends ranked season is finally coming to a close after a nearly yearlong grind up the ladder.

2022 was a year of big changes for the game. The season kicked off on January 7, with an update that nerfed support champion, Janna, but buffed Gangplank and Diana.

In the middle of the year, Riot Games dropped the most important patch of the season — patch 12.10’s Durability Update. As its name suggests, champion durability was increased in this update, which resulted in longer fights.

Engage supports such as Janna, Senna, Renata Glasc, Zilean, Sona were just some of the top champions with the highest win rate this patch.

Then during the World Championship (Worlds 2022), patch 12.20 was released. The Hexplosives Expert, Ziggs, obtained a buff where his Bouncing Bomb ability received a free 10 extra base magic damage at all levels.

With a total of 21 patches released this season, LoL ranked games have been quite the rollercoaster ride. Your champions are meta one moment, then forgotten the next. And worst of all, most of the time you’re on a losing streak.

Still aiming for that Gold rank before the season ends? Take note of these dates, times, and rewards before League of Legends season 12 concludes.

League of Legends season 12 ends on Monday, November 14 at 11:59 p.m. local server time. The Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger seasons end 15 minutes earlier on November 14, 11:45 p.m. local server time.

Players who have reached Gold or higher in Summoner’s Rift Solo/Duo or Flex will receive the Victorious Sejuani skin as a reward. Additionally, you will unlock bonus Victorious Sejuani skin chromas for each rank you hit beyond Gold.

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