Camping and Rank Pushing Place in Gear Front PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Nov 10

Our ranking pushing and camping place is located in Gear Front Erangel map. We can 6 to 7 pumpkin in map you can camp on any of one.
It is very simple trick you just need gliding doll power.
1. Land on any pumpkin in map( you can also find recall and respone card from pumpkin)

2. Climb on the shade sail.

3. Go on top of the house/ hut from back side of the house with the help of gliding power  (house shown in picture.)

After reaching on the top roof their is a space which give you cover from three sides and you can easily get cover and also give you height advantage you can knock down or kill enemies easily.

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What you think is it good place to camp? Share your opinions.

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